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Dominion Voting Systems Files A Lawsuit Against Rudy Giuliani–Seeking More Than $1.3 Billion Over False Election Claims

Now that the presidential election is behind us and a new administration has taken office, it looks like Dominion Voting Systems is not about to play when it comes to the false election claims that were put out previously by Trump and his team. The election equipment manufacturer was caught up in the false accusations when Trump and his team claimed that they had the election stolen from them as he was defeated by Joe Biden.

According to NBC News, on Monday, the company filed a defamation lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani.

In the lawsuit, it states, “As a result of the defamatory falsehoods peddled by Giuliani” in collaboration with other Trump allies and pro-Trump media outlets, “Dominion’s founder and employees have been harassed and received death threats, and Dominion has suffered unprecedented and irreparable harm.”

The lawsuit continued to state, “Dominion brings this action to set the record straight, to vindicate the company’s rights under civil law, to recover compensatory and punitive damages, and to stand up for itself, its employees, and the electoral process.”

Giuliani is accused of making false and defamatory statements on social media, on his podcast show, television appearances, and also at a Trump rally.

John Poulos, the CEO of Dominion, said, “Not only have these lies damaged the good name of my company, but they also undermined trust in American democratic institutions, drowning out the remarkable work of elections officials and workers, who ensured a transparent and secure election. The thousands of hand recounts and audits that proved machines counted accurately continue to be overshadowed by disinformation.”

The New York Times reports that Giuliani responded to the lawsuit via text message late Monday morning and said, “Dominion’s defamation lawsuit for $1.3B will allow me to investigate their history, finances, and practices fully and completely. The amount being asked for is, quite obviously, intended to frighten people of faint heart. It is another act of intimidation by the hate-filled left-wing to wipe out and censor the exercise of free speech, as well as the ability of lawyers to defend their clients vigorously. As such, we will investigate a countersuit against them for violating these Constitutional rights.”

As previously reported, Trump reportedly instructed his staff not to pay Giuliani’s legal fees as he spent his last days in office as the president.


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