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Donald Trump Jr. Reacts To The News Of A Virtual Presidential Debate: “This Is Such Bulls**t”

It looks like Lil’ Donnie shares his father’s feelings about the recent announcement of the next presidential debate being held virtually, and lets just say, the Trump men are not happy.

We previously reported that Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19, and with the second presidential debate coming up, the debate commission has decided that the event will be held virtually due to the unsure nature of Donnie’s health.

Well, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to express how he feels about the announcement, and he definitely did not hold back.

“This is such bulls**t!” he says. “Yea, let Biden do it from his basement so people can feed him his talking points all night long. GTFO!!!”

As we previously reportedly, President Trump spoke out in refusal of participating in the virtual debate, stating that he is not “going to waste [his] time”, and his team has just requested that the debate committee move the debate to a new date.

It looks like Joe Biden and his team are not here for that option either, and have rejected Trump’s proposal. Biden’s campaign spokesperson Kate Bedingfield makes it clear that they are not going for it.

“Donald Trump does not make the debate schedule, the Debate Commission does,” she says. “Trump’s erratic behavior does not allow him to rewrite the calendar, and pick new dates of his choosing. We look forward to participating in the final debate, scheduled for October 22, which already is tied for the latest debate in 40 years. Donald Trump can show up, or he can decline again. That’s his choice.”

Do y’all think the debate should be moved for Donnie, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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