Roommates, it looks like Donald Trump and his administration are moving forward with his proposed legislation to restrict legal immigrants from utilizing federally funded benefits.
According to New York Magazine, Donnie’s new “public charge” regulation will deny green cards to legal immigrants who utilize benefits like food stamps and Section 8 housing. The goal of the administration’s move is to crack down on legal and illegal immigration.
On top of putting a halt on benefits that can lead to a rejected via or green card application, the new rule will reportedly change the scope of public assistance. Instead of benefits being based on half of a family’s total income, it will be based on a flat rate.
It may seem like only a few people will be affected by the rule, however, since many legal immigrants have had children in this country, it will affect U.S. born citizens as well.
“That’s the whole idea, of course, and part of the Trump administration’s overall strategy of making life as miserable as possible for immigrants regardless of status,” the administration says on behalf of Donald Trump.
In the event the Department of Homeland Security deems a legal immigrant likely to use or already enrolled in public assistance programs, they could disqualify them from legally obtaining residence.
“Through the public charge rule, President Trump’s administration is reinforcing the deals of self-sufficiencey and personal responsibility,” director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services Ken Cuccinelli says.
Cuccinelli also says the new rule will go into effect in mid-October, and will affect immigration applicants after that date. However, the new rule will apply to those who are looking for change their current immigration status.
Cuccinelli says benefits such as school lunch programs, homeless shelter, food pantries, and Children’s insurance wont disqualify applicants. Pregnant women and children who rely on Medicaid insurance are also exempt from the rule.