Donald Trump has had his Twitter fingers busy for the past few weeks and today was no exception. 

He made a statement today urging the U.S. to protect its Asian-American community following reports of coronavirus-related hate crimes, which many have argued were fueled by his remarks referring to the deadly virus as the “Chinese Virus.”

“It is very important that we totally protect our Asian American community in the United States, and all around the world. They are amazing people, and the spreading of the virus…” was Donald Trump’s first tweet.

He continued on with his message but many felt Donnie’s odd break up of the tweets was strategic and just overall more of his shady sarcasm. He continued, “…is NOT their fault in any way, shape, or form. They are working closely with us to get rid of it. WE WILL PREVAIL TOGETHER!”

In the past few weeks, there have been reports of race-related hate crimes directed at the Asian community because of the coronavirus outbreak, associating blame with that community.

Many felt Donnie fueled those sentiments when he referred to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” multiple times.


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#Donnie is getting dragged on #Twitter for using the term “Chinese virus” 👀

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