If you beat yourself up every time you’re denied a job or simply got passed over for a position due to things that happened back in the day, you may be in luck because a new report states that hiring standards are becoming more relaxed.

According to @CNN, employers nationwide are seriously struggling to fill job positions, leading them to focus less on drug testing, background checks and amount of experience—all things which can quickly knock out qualified candidates in the early stages of the hiring process.

Bob Camire says his company, New England Document Systems, doesn’t automatically disqualify job applicants for drug or alcohol-related offenses and motor vehicles issues unless the job is specifically geared towards a driver or safety position.

Almost 40% of U.S. employers state that they have relaxed the job requirements for positions in order to attract workers who normally wouldn’t even think of applying due to past indiscretions. A number of companies are also lowering educations requirements, specifically those requiring an associate’s, bachelor’s or an MBA degree.

As for drug testing, while potential employees may still be tested, many companies are now saying that they have lowered the requirements if a drug test comes back for mainly marijuana or dropped marijuana completely from testing—which is likely due to its increasing legalization across the country.

Wages are also going up in an attempt to lure workers, with many companies increasing minimum wage to reflect what the average person/family needs to live on. Additionally, those of senior age are also benefitting, as more companies are looking to hire them instead of putting their applications to the side in favor of someone younger.


Roommates, do you agree with these changes?