Roommates, the 21-year-old Texas man accused of carrying out a mass shooting in an El Paso Walmart last month has been indicted on a capital murder charge, prosecutors announced.

According to FOX News, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Patrick Crusius, who carried out a gruesome shooting, killing 22 people and injuring 24. Federal prosecutors have said they are considering hate-crime charges against Crusius, which would also carry the death penalty.

Crusius’ family has issued a statement through their lawyer on his behalf, asking that justice be served on behalf of the El Paso Shooting Suspect.

“It is important to respect the rule of law, including the grand jury’s decision and the district attorney’s office,” the statement reads. “There is a legal path forward that will now allow justice to become clear.”

Crusius’ lawyers did not immediately respond to FOX’s requests for comment, but Attorney Mark Stevens previpously said he will use “every legal tool available” to prevent his client from being executed.

As we previously reported, Patrick Crusius drove more than 10 hours from his hometown near Dallas to carry out the shooting, according to police. Prosecutors have said Crusius surrender to police after the attack saying, “I’m the shooter”. Authorities also say he admitted to targeting Mexicans.

In court documents, prosecutors alleged that the El Paso shooting suspect wrote a racists rant, which he published shortly before the shooting. It included verbiage pointing to Crusius having a racially charged motive, saying the shooting was “in response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

The tragedy in El Paso was the first in a series of mass shootings last month that left dozens of people dead, and many others injured. Less than 24 hours after, a masked gunman began shooting in Dayton, Ohio, killing nine people and injuring 27 more. Then weeks later, a man killed seven people and wounded.

Stay with us as this story continues to develop, Roomies!