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Employees At A Massachusetts Store Call In A Fake Bomb Threat To Get Out Of Work!!

We know there are days when we just don’t feel like going to work. We all used the classic calling sick trick or death in the family lie but two employees of Wild Oats Market in Massachusetts may have taken the cake for the biggest lie ever! 

Emily Sziribik and friend Jacob Shea, both 21, are now in a whole lot of trouble after they came up with the bright idea to call in a fake bomb threat at their job to get Emily out of work early for the day!

According to the NY Daily News, Emily and Jacob executed their plan to cause mass hysteria that would closed down the store for the day on June 4th.

Jacob called in the threat around 6:30pm and according to the store’s general manager he made it very believable which prompted him to call 911.

“It was fairly specific and we asked everyone to leave the building,” Durfee told the Daily News. “The store is open until 8. We weren’t able to get back in that evening.”

When authorities got to the store they quickly realized that there were no explosives at the sites so yeah they got punk’d!!!!

What ultimately got the pair caught was investigators were able to trace the phone calls back them. Ironically Emily had quit a few weeks before getting caught but the manager says she would have been fired anyways.

Both pleaded not guilty this past Tuesday and were released. Their next court date is set for Sept. 30


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Source Cited: NY Daily News


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