Dallas Bar: Employees Accused Of Drugging Customers

Employees At A Dallas Bar Are Being Accused Of Drugging Customers | TSR Investigates

A restaurant and bar in Dallas, Texas, is now under investigation after two mothers alleged that its employees drugged them. The women indulged in free lemon-drop shots, which left one allegedly throwing up blood and both in the hospital.

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is getting to the bottom of things on TSR Investigates.

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Here’s What Allegedly Happened At The Dallas Bar

According to Carter, the incident occurred on November 26 — the weekend after Thanksgiving. Breyanna Knox and Nakia Robertson, best friends of over 20 years, decided to head over to Harlowe MXM.

However, when the mothers arrived, they allege things seemed sketchy.

“And when we got there, the bouncer was like, ‘How bad do y’all want to get in?” Knox explained to Carter. “He was just basically saying like, ‘The only way I’ll let y’all in right now is if you show love to the bartenders.'”

Robertson explained that she and her best friend “didn’t think anything of it,” citing that clubs usually “make their money” by selling drinks.

When the women reached the bar, they ordered a round of lemon drop shots. According to Carter, the bartender even took one with them and ordered them another round free of charge.

“For my second shot, I immediately started feeling off,” Robertson explained. “I was like, ‘Something’s not right, I feel like I’m drunk already.'”

What Happened Next?

Carter reports that the bartender “kept the shots coming” as he allegedly “refused to accept payment.” Then, Knox started feeling symptoms similar to Robertson’s.

“I kind of started feeling just a little spacey,” Knox recalled to Carter.

As the night continued, the women took a short video of their shots. The clip shows that something was settled at the bottom of their drinks. Knox and Robertson, however, remained unaware.

At some point, the bartender attempted to give the women more shots, but Robertson declined.

“He tried to give us another shot, and I didn’t want to take another shot ’cause I felt like I had hit my limit,” Robertson told Carter. “I [remember] stumbling to the DJ booth, and then I remember when we got to the DJ booth, that’s when the security guard appeared.”

Knox and Robertson allege they were “in and out of consciousness” but remember the security guard getting a bit “handsy” and “flirtatious” with them. The women “stumbled” out of the bar as Robertson realized that her car keys were missing. To add to the ordeal, Robertson started feeling “extremely sick.”

Watch as Carter details surprising text messages allegedly sent from the security guard to Knox. Additionally, Carter reveals the restaurant’s alleged response, what was found in the women’s system, how the Dallas police have responded, and more.

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