Erykah Badu Covers GQ Germany's "Men Of The Year"

Social Media Users Get To Tusslin’ After Erykah Badu Covers GQ Germany’s ‘Men Of The Year’ Issue

GQ Germany unveiled Erykah Badu as one of the cover stars for its 2023 ‘Men Of The Year’ issue. Now, social media users are tusslin’ over their reactions.

The news follows Kim Kardashian being announced as one of the three ‘Men Of The Year’ cover stars for the publication’s American issue earlier this month, per The Shade Room.

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More Details Regarding Erykah Badu’s GQ Germany “Men Of The Year” Cover

GQ Germany unveiled its latest ‘Men Of The Year’ cover on Monday, November 27. The cover shot featured a topless Badu with beaded braids that covered her body. Additionally, the cover declared Badu the publication’s ‘Music Icon Of The Year.’

Check out the cover and additional shots of the 52-year-old singer below.

In the corresponding cover story, the publication detailed its decision to bestow Badu with the Music Icon honor. Additionally, GQ Germany seemingly explained its decision to label Badu one of the ‘Men Of The Year.’

The outlet reiterated Badu’s accolades as “four-time Grammy winner,” “Queen of the Neo-Soul,” and “cultural rebel.”

“In the 1990s, the music scene was manageable and predominantly masculine,” GQ Germany journalist Manuela Hainz wrote. “Then came musicians like Erykah Badu… [who] Mixed the soul with hard beats and rap rhymes. And paved the way for future generations of female artists.”

To note, additional recipients of GQ Germany’s ‘Men Of The Year’ title include Colin Kaepernick as “Athlete Of The Year,” Louis Hoffman as “Actor Of The Year,” and Marina Abramović as “Art Icon Of The Year.”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to tussle over their reactions to Badu’s cover and the publication’s declaration of the singer as one of its ‘Men Of The Year.’

Many supported the publication for giving Badu her “flowers.”

Instagram user @s.nashay wrote.
“she def deserves her flowers 💐”
While Instagram user @tonybaker added.
“E. Badu is legend.”

Meanwhile, one user, @dev.anjoli, harkened back to a few weeks ago when Kim Kardashian received the same title and backlash.

“But when it’s was Kim K it was “why is she on the cover she’s not a man” I swear yall pick and choose. I love me some Miss Badu tho.”
Others voiced their confusion at the publication’s decisions.
Instagram user @shysaidso remarked.
“This is getting out of hand. Why are women are This cover? What’s the point we are trying to make here? It’s giving weird”
While Instagram user @sheliamilsap added.
“So no men where available to put on the cover?? Is it that much of a shortage of men?”
Instagram user @manithuggin wrote.
“I didn’t like it with Kim I don’t like it with her. why a woman on the cover of GQ? I thought it was a men’s magazine? am I confused?”

A Look Back At Kim Kardashian’s ‘Men Of The Year’ Cover

As The Shade Room previously reported, GQ unveiled Kim Kardashian’s ‘Men Of The Year’ cover on Tuesday, November 14.

At the time, social media users referred to the publication’s decision as “weird,” some adding that they were “so confused.”

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