(Exclusive) Ar'mon & Trey Give Their Take On 'Blame Queen Naija' Trend -- 'Y'all Really Obsessed With This Girl'

(Exclusive) Ar’mon & Trey Give Their Take On ‘Blame Queen Naija’ Trend — ‘Y’all Really Obsessed With This Girl’

Ar’mon & Trey think their friend should be flattered by ‘blame Queen Naija‘ trolls.

This week, the R&B singer duo spoke exclusively with the director of social content at The Shade Room Teens, Taylor Bickham. The brothers, born one year, six months, and one week apart in Detroit, Michigan, chopped it up virtually with Taylor about their separate business ventures, thoughts on collaborating with Chloe and Halle, and their take on how Queen Naija should feel about online trolls.

Queen Naija recently vented about trolls “blaming” her for adverse events as a joke with their shady “blame Queen Naija” tweets on The Breakfast Club.

“Some people really don’t like me. Just a small percentage right. Then it’s just that bandwagon thing that everybody likes to jump on because they want to be seen or feel popular or get likes or follows. It’s like a trend to dislike me, and honestly, I think they really do like me though. You speak about me so much so you must like me.”

The trolls seem to annoy the star; however, Ar’mon & Trey, who have collaborated with Queen several time in the past agree with Queen that their longtime friend should only take it as a compliment.

“I think she should be proud of that. It’s really people are obsessed with you…y’all really obsessed with this girl!” Ar’mon said

Trey also added his thoughts, agreeing with his brother.

“We know Queen so we know she’s really like annoyed by it. Certain things…let’s really be honest. They talking about Ukraine, blame Queen. Like damn, I’m really on your mind like that?”

Hit play to see this and more full clips from this exclusive interview with Ar’mon & Trey below.



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