Famous Sally's Video Shoot Leads To Fulton County Deputy Arrest

(Exclusive) Fulton County Jail Officer ARRESTED On The Set Of Famous Sally’s Video Shoot | TSR Investigates

You’ve probably heard the tagline and audio “Wassup Gway” going viral on TikTok. The song, officially released only five months ago, has garnered artists Famous Sally and YB over hundreds of thousands of streams on YouTube and an endless amount of attention, so much so that an Atlanta Fulton County officer named Shainiqua Bodden was arrested on the set of the single’s video shoot earlier this month.

Bodden was let go from the force following the incident. However, her firing adds to the list of Fulton County deputies relieved from duty for alleged “inappropriate behavior.” Some have even been accused of having “romantic relationships with inmates.”

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is digging deeper for TSR Investigates.

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How Did The Fulton County Officer Become Entangled With Famous Sally & YB?

Famous Sally and YB’s video shoot for “Wassup Gway” took place last week on Monday, October 9. However, during the shoot, Atlanta police received a phone call from Bodden about an ongoing fight.

Justin Carter spoke exclusively with Famous Sally’s sister, Rayonda Wynn, who says Bodden’s behavior was “giving obsession.”

According to Wynn, it all began in August when Bodden reportedly called her about a male inmate in Fulton County. Wynn says that the inmate was someone she “used to date.” However, Bodden had become “entangled with him too.”

Wynn alleges that it was then that Bodden began to send her “harassing text messages.”

“After the text messages, she just started harassing me on Instagram, watching me from a fake page and stated, ‘I’m a police officer, I move different’ and ‘Laugh now cry later,'” Wynn explained to Carter.

Here’s How Events Escalated During The “Wassup Gway” Video Shoot

Additionally, Wynn shared that Bodden filed a temporary protection order against her. Then, on October 9, Bodden wanted to be present as Wynn was served with the order at her sister’s video shoot.

“She just showed up because she knew I would be there,” Wynn told Carter. “She was just walking up to me, with the papers in [her] hand — putting the papers in my face, and I said, ‘Please get the papers out my face,’ and I spit on her.”

Wynn alleges that Bodden did the same, and another officer handcuffed her.

“He put me in handcuffs — she [was] trying to hit me [and] that’s when my daughter came and hit her,” Wynn continued.

Video recorded when officers led Wynn away from the scene as Bodden followed, seemingly smirking. Wynn told Carter that the entire incident left her “hurt” because she “didn’t do nothing” and couldn’t understand why she was being arrested.

However, in a surprise turn of events, Bodden was arrested later at the scene for “disorderly conduct.” The Sherriff’s Office shared an exclusive statement with Carter, revealing that Bodden was only a “probationary employee.”

Now, Famous Sally is speaking out about what occurred at her “first major video shoot” as her sister lawyers up against Bodden. As for Fulton County Jail, is a larger issue unfolding with its officers?

Check out the full episode below!

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