(Exclusive Details) Young Thug’s Lawyer Seeks To Have RICO Case Tossed On Technicality, Accuses DA Of Prosecutorial Misconduct, Abuse Of Grand Jury Power

Young Thug‘s lawyers are looking to have his RICO case dismissed based on a technicality, accusing the district attorney of filing “sham” and “fake” grand jury subpoenas as the rap star continues to languish in Georgia’s Cobb County Jail, The Shade Room can exclusively report.

Last Thursday (Nov. 3), Brian Steel of The Steel Law Firm, who is representing Thugger, filed a motion to dismiss all charges against their client on grounds of prosecutors abusing “it’s authority by utilizing a sham Grand Jury Subpoena.”

Thug’s Attorney Says Evidence From “Sham” Rental Car Subpoena Should Be Tossed, Alongside Charges Against Him

Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, had his bond denied this summer and will remain behind bars until at least 2023 as his case is adjudicated.

Essentially, Steel’s motion to dismiss accuses the District Attorney of issuing a subpoena in April 2016 to retrieve a rental car they alleged was used for the crimes Thugger is accused of committing. Steele says the subpoena was “not issued or authorized by any Judge, Clerk of Court, or lawfully or properly empaneled Grand Jury.”

“On or about April 8, 2016, the District Attorney’s Office of Fulton County abused its authority by utilizing a sham Grand Jury Subpoena and issuing same to the Hertz Corporation for rental record information relating to Mr. Jeffery Williams,” the motion reads. “This supposed “Grand Jury Subpoena” was not issued or authorized by any Judge, Clerk of Court or lawfully or properly empaneled Grand Jury.”

The motion went on to say that the “sham” and “fake” grand jury subpoena was sent to both Thug and Hertz, which was used to forcefully compel the company to fork over crucial information regarding a car rented in Thugs’ name.

Pictured: a screenshot taken directly from Young Thug’s motion to dismiss, as obtained by The Shade Room.

“Sham, Fake” Subpoenas Sent To Thugger, Hertz Car Rental Over Vehicle Reportedly Used In Crimes

The vehicle in question was reportedly involved in the 56-count RICO case against him and other members of Young Slime Life – an offshoot sect of the Sex Money Murder bloods gang.

“Instead, the District Attorney’s Office affixed their own seal on a document creating the false impression that a properly empaneled Grand Jury had issued an official edict compelling the Hertz Corporation to comply with the demand to produce records. The District Attorney’s Office engaged in egregious misconduct and blatant misrepresentations under the force and power of the Court.”

The motion adds that “this scheme concocted by the District Attorney’s Office targeted Mr. Williams’ information,” and demands all information and evidence gleaned from the two dubious subpoenas to be suppressed and barred from use in trial.

If a judge were to grant Thug’s motion to dismiss, the case against him would theoretically be tossed. It’s unclear how the motion would affect his other 27 co-defendants, which includes fellow rapper Gunna.

Pictured: Young Thug and fellow rapper, co-defendant Gunna (inset)

“This outrageous misconduct is an affront to the good order, peace, dignity of our criminal justice system and cannot be tolerated,” the motion reads.

Thug’s lawyers ended the motion with a request for a hearing on the matter. As of Tuesday morning, no hearing has been scheduled on the matter.

Fulton County District Attorney Paints Young Thug As Leader Of Violent Criminal Street Gang

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has worked hard to paint Young Thug acted as the leader of the criminal street gang YSL for several years, The Shade Room previously reported.

“YSL is an acronym for ‘Young Slime Life’. It is a hybrid gang that operates here in Atlanta and it’s an affiliate of the Bloods gang,” Willis said.

As we previously reported back in June, Young Thug was officially denied bond and will remain in custody of the Cobb County Jail along with fellow YSL member Gunna. Both will stand trial for their RICO case that is set for January 2023.

When the prosecutors came up to speak about why Young Thug should not receive bond, they noted his endless amounts of song lyrics, in which he allegedly details all of the crimes that he and YSL have committed.

As they ended their statements at his bond hearing this evening, they called Young Thug “King Slime” and singled him out as the “most dangerous” member of YSL and the person calling all the shots, as it relates to murder and other gang-related activity.

Matthew McNulty