Expectant Father Cordae Says He’d ‘Heavily Advise Against’ His Child Being A Rapper

Cordae said being a rapper is “the most looked-down-upon profession.” And the expectant father admitted that he’s willing to be a hypocrite if his child asked to follow in his footsteps in a recent appearance on The Shop,

“I’m not gon’ lie unless they are dead nice at making records unless I hear a hit or just good music or real talent…in my opinion, if I don’t hear talent, I could be a hypocrite. I could be like “nah.” Imma heavily advise against it,” the rapper said.

As previously reported, the Bad Idea artist and pro-tennis champ Naomi Osaka are expecting their first child. She revealed their newest journey in January–more than three years after he confirmed their romance in July 2019. They had their first public date in December of that year.

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Steve Stoute challenged Cordae’s mindset, asking about the rappers he dislikes that are still outselling him. Neither name-dropped any artists, but Cordae admitted he’s been wrong before. Later in the conversation, the rapper joked about his child losing their “first investor” in him if they critiqued his music.

Along with Steve and Cordae, The Shop‘s latest episode featured Druski and Rich Paul as guests. Druski sparked the career talk after explaining his family’s reaction to his career path. His mother and grandmother, the comedian explained, disapproved of his decision to leave college to become a comedian.

“…it took time. And, you know, I think they just had to understand what the dream was and that I was really attached to it and I really wanted to pursue it,” Druski said. “Same with rapping. If you tell you parents you gonna be a rapper,” he added before Cordae inturrupted, calling rapper “the most looked-down-upon profession.”

Cordae Talks Becoming A Father For The First Time

Cordae’s comments on The Shop appear to be his first public conversation about parenthood following the pregnancy announcement. Though he’s been active on his Instagram since January, he hasn’t shared any photos, videos, or posts in general about Osaka or their baby.

However, his lack of posts likely isn’t surprising to fans familiar with his social media presence. When he confirmed their relationship in 2019 on Ebro In The Morning, he explained that their relationship is kept private, so it remains sacred.

“We just kept [our relationship] hidden for a while, kept it quiet. I don’t really like to go public with my personal life, but if you just ask me [if we’re together], it’s be disrespectful to her if I said ‘nah’ at this point.”

Meanwhile, Naomi recently told PEOPLE that she knows their baby’s gender, but Cordae is still in the dark.

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