Mississippi Woman Charged With Murder, Streamed On FB Live

Mississippi Woman Charged With Murder After Allegedly Shooting Her Husband On Facebook Live

A Columbus, Mississippi woman has been charged with fatally shooting her husband on Facebook Live, WCBI reports. Viral video of the alleged murder has been making its way around the internet, showing a chilling replay of the alleged tragedy.

Kadejah Brown Allegedly Shoots & Kills Husband On Facebook Live

The shooting reportedly occurred in Lowndes County, Mississippi at the Greentree Apartments around 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. Lowndes County Sheriff Eddie Hawkins explained to reporters that Kadejah Brown, 28, and her husband Jeremy Brown “had been arguing most of the night.”

Jeremey Brown allegedly tried to leave the residence on Saturday morning before being shot. Jeremy Brown, unfortunately, died at the residence.

According to Vicksburg Daily News,when deputies arrived on the scene at 7:42 a.m., they reportedly recovered a handgun. As well as a shell casing, as reported by WCBI. Additionally, Kadejah Brown has been charged with murder, and booked into Lowndes County jail.

Mississippi Spouses Celebrated Anniversary, Appeared Happy Before Tragedy

In posts shared on Facebook on March 5, the couple appeared to celebrate their 7th anniversary. Jeremy Brown wrote a brief message about his wife on his Facebook feed.


While Kadejah Brown shared her own message, explaining that the couple had been together since middle school.

“Happy Anniversary to my lover my best friend and my wonderful amazing husband Jeremy R Brown we been rocking since middle school and high school never stopped loving each other since the day we met and we go through our ups and downs and sad and happy times and still remain to be together like always …”

The 28-year-old also took to the social media platform in the days leading up to the shooting, On March 19, she shared various photos alongside her husband Jeremy Brown. As well as a little girl, who appears to be their daughter.

Sheriff Hawkins shared a statement about the “tragic” and “senseless” shooting, as reported by Vicksburg Daily News.

“There was a history of domestic violence between Brown and the victim. This was a tragic and senseless murder and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victim.”

The 28-year-old’s bond has not yet been set, reportedly.

Kadejah Accused Jeremy Brown Of Cheating Prior To Alleged Facebook Murder

However, on March 24, Kadejah appeared to accuse her husband of being a “cheater.” She posted screenshots accusing Jeremy Brown of having a flirtatious conversation with an unknown woman via Instagram.

Kadejah Brown then followed up with an additional post, accusing her husband of explicit behavior with his “employees.”

“National sale and lease manager f***s his employees Jeremy Roc Brown”

Then, on the morning of Saturday, March 25, Kadejah Brown accused her husband of being “bisexual.”

I have a bisexual husband Jeremy Roc Brown

From there, the 28-year-old appeared to go live on the platform — the original video has since been removed from her account. However, social media users have shared videos of the incident, moments before the fatal shooting took place.

Jeremy Seemingly Asked For Kadejah To Stop Touching Him Before Tragedy

In the video, Jeremy Brown appears to be “getting ready for work,” attempting to leave the residence. Another woman assumed to be Kadejah Brown’s mother, can also be heard in the background, screaming at Brown as well.

“Tell your daughter to keep her hands off me… I ain’t even trying to argue at all, I’m just trying to get out,”

Jeremy Brown can be heard saying in the background.

In the following video, the interaction between husband and wife appears to escalate. Jeremy Brown can be heard saying that there was a gun being “pulled” on him. Kadejah Brown’s mother can be heard yelling “stop” repeatedly. However Kadeja Brown seems to yell, “I’ll kill yo’ a** b***h.”

Then, one gunshot can be heard. The women begin frantically screaming and crying for help.

In the final video, children can be heard crying.

“I didn’t know one was in the chamber!… Jeremy!” Brown can be heard yelling off camera.



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