Family Of 6-Year-Old Student Who Struck Teacher Breaks Silence

Family Of 6-Year-Old Student Who Struck Virginia Teacher Breaks Silence, Says Child Has ‘Acute Disability’

The family of the 6-year-old student who shot a teacher earlier this month is speaking out for the first time. According to ABC News, the family has stated that the firearm the child accessed from their home “was secured.” And added that the child has an “acute disability.”

Police Have Reported That The 6-Year-Old’s Action Was “Intentional”

According to police, the 6-year-old allegedly took a 9 mm Taurus pistol from his home on Friday, January 6. They add that he carried it to Richneck Elementary School in his backpack. And allegedly shot and wounded 25-year-old first-grade teacher Abigal Zwerner. The police have described the 6-year-old’s action as “intentional”, as reported by ABC News.

Police have revealed that the pistol was legally purchased by the child’s mother.

The 6-Year-Old’s Family Releases A Statement And Maintains They Are Committed To “Responsible Gun Ownership”

According to the outlet, the family of the child released a statement via their spokesperson.

Our family has always been committed to responsible gun ownership and keeping firearms out of the reach of children.

The family added that they have been “cooperating with local and federal law enforcement” to “understand” how the events on January 6 could “have happened.”

Our heart goes out to our son’s teacher and we pray for her healing in the aftermath of such an unimaginable tragedy as she selflessly served our son and the children in the school. She has worked diligently and compassionately to support our family as we sought the best education and learning environment for our son.

The Family Has Revealed That The 6-Year-Old Child Suffers From An “Acute Disability”

According to the family, the 6-year-old “suffers from an acute disability.” And was “under a care plan at the school that included his mother or father attending school with him and accompanying him to class every day.”

The week of the shooting was the first week when we were not in class with him. We will regret our absence on this day for the rest of our lives.

The family added that the child is currently receiving treatment at a hospital.

We continue to pray for his teacher’s full recovery, and for her loved ones who are undoubtedly upset and concerned. At the same time, we love our son and are asking that you please include him and our family in your prayers.

An Update Has Been Shared Regarding Abigal Zwerner’s Condition, As Well As The State Of The School

According to a statement released by the Riverside Health System, Zwerner was released from the hospital earlier this week. And will continue to receive outpatient treatment.

She continues her recovery as an outpatient with the support of family, friends, and health professionals.

According to ABC News, no one has been charged for the shooting. And the police investigation is ongoing.

About 16-20 students were inside the classroom when the shooting took place. None were injured, but all of the children are being interviewed by authorities. According to the outlet, parents received a letter from Karen Lynch, the school’s administrator, who informed them that the school will remain closed next week.

Thank you for your patience as we spend this time ensuring safety measures are addressed before school reopens.

A school board meeting was held earlier this week, where parents vented their frustrations about the shooting and school security.

As reported by ABC News, the school received a tip on the day of the shooting about a possible weapon in the child’s backpack. But upon search, no weapon was found.

The school will now implement “a full-time security guard, a fully staffed front office, and access to a security wand.” The elementary school already announced that metal detectors would be placed on-site as well.

25-Year-Old First-Grade Teacher Abigal Zwerner Has Been Hailed A “Hero”

As The Shade Room previously reported, Abigal Zwerner was shot around 2 p.m. on Friday, January 6. Zwerner was allegedly attempting to confiscate the weapon from the 6-year-old when she was shot and injured.

The first-grade teacher instructed the students to leave the classroom when the incident took place. And has been hailed as a “hero” who “saved lives” by Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew.


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