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Family Plans On Pursuing Legal Action After Viral Video Shows Them & Their 7-Week-Old Baby Being Kicked Off An American Airlines Flight

#Roommates, December is one of the busiest times of the year, and as we approach Christmas, it’s not unusual for the airports to be full, as several travelers are flying through the country. Unfortunately for #AllanAli, his partner #KamiaHoilett, and their 7-week old daughter, they got more than they bargained for while traveling on Sunday. The family was kicked off an American Airlines flight from Charlotte, NC, around 1 pm as they were headed back home to Philly. In a now-viral video, Kamia holds her daughter while her family is being forced off the plane, which upset many people.


TSR spoke exclusively with Allan regarding what happened before the cameras started rolling and how quickly things escalated. He explained it began when he and his partner got out of their seats to let a white male passenger sitting in their aisle, who arrived late, get to his seat. As the unidentified man walked to the aisle with a flight attendant, Allan recalled her telling them, “Y’all have to get up” in an aggressive manner.

The couple began getting up, but the attendant was blocking the aisle, preventing them with space to move, so Kamia asked if the attendant could move to allow them extra room. Allan explained that the flight attendant asked, “Is this going to be a problem,” Kamia assured her it wouldn’t be.

However, the situation escalated when the flight attendant became rude and told Kamia to “Sit down and buckle your seat” in a passive-aggressive tone, according to Allan. This prompted Kamia to explain she didn’t like the manner she was being talked to because she isn’t a child, and that’s when the flight attendant stormed off and reported the issue to the captain.

As the video continued, it captured two other flight attendants approaching the couple to instruct them to grab their belongings and exit the flight. Allan did confirm that they were put on the next flight to Philly at 8:20 pm, which was an inconvenience to the family, who had to sit in the airport for several hours with a crying newborn. Although they were placed on another flight, he feels the situation wasn’t rectified. He did explain that when he initially spoke to American Airlines employees about taking them off the plane, they stated they could not overrule anything the captain says, and what he says goes.

Allan tells TSR that he and Kamia are pursuing legal action and currently haven’t filed an official complaint with American Airlines just yet, due to wanting a lawyer present. In addition, Allan also shared that he has talked to a lawyer based in New York and plans to file the complaint by the end of the day.

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