Fat Joe Defends Nate Robinson's Knockout, Says He Once Turned Down Millions Of Dollars To Fight 50 Cent

Fat Joe Defends Nate Robinson’s Knockout, Says He Once Turned Down Millions Of Dollars To Fight 50 Cent

Nate Robinson has not been able to catch a break from social media after being knocked out in a boxing match against Jake Paul over the weekend. From the memes to reposts of footage of the actual moment he went down, people have been coming for Nate’s representation of black athletes but Fat Joe said ‘AHT AHT!’.

In a recent Instagram video, Fat Joe came to Nate’s defense, making it clear that his decision to enter the ring was an act of courage and people need to put some respect on his name!

“Its so much heart of a lion to go in there and fight and I don’t think people are giving it the respect they should,” he said. “And a lot of people on social media, meaning you, like to talk sh*t and basically you wouldn’t do it yourself.”

Joe wasn’t just talking about the people on social media, however. He even called himself out, saying that he turned down millions of dollars to fight 50 Cent when they had beef back in the day because he was not here for the possibility of getting knocked out in front of millions of people.

“I wouldn’t do it,” he continued. “So when I had beef with 50 Cent, people were fake offering me $10 million, $5 million to go fight 50 one on one. Now, I’m not scared of 50, I would’ve fought him for free at the time. But to get knocked out maybe on TV? It’s tough.”

The fight was definitely one for the books seeing that Nate accepted the fight when Jake Paul called him out on social media. Folks have even started a “Nate Robinson Challenge”, which mimics what Nate looked like when he hit the ground. Despite all of that, Fat Joe alludes to Black people giving respect to people of our community who put themselves on the line in the name of entertainment.

“It’s tough and I don’t think we’re giving him his respect. He got knocked out, I get it. It was explosive. It was crazy. But you cannot keep trynna kill our people that have the courage to entertain us.”

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