Father Allegedly Killed His Son For Being Gay

Father Allegedly Killed His Son For Being Gay

It’s sad to say something like this would go down because of someones sexual orientation, but this is exactly what prosecutors are insinuating as in-fact a hate crime!


The incident took place on Tuesday inside of a home in North Hills when son, Amir Issa, 29 was found dead along with his mother, according to the  Los Angeles Times. The L.A Police Department officials responded to the 911 call and immediately arrested the father, Sheheda Khalil Issa, 69 who was at the scene.


Amir’s mother’s death is still under investigation and her body was not yet identified. Sheheda told officials that the reason he killed his son (using an alleged shot gun) was due to self-defense after witnessing his wife dead with multiple stabbing wounds. He also told police that his son was threatening him with a knife, but get this—no knife was found at the scene!


The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is considering this crime scene as pre-meditated murder and alleged that he threatened to kill his son in the past.


“The murder was committed because of the victim’s sexual orientation and because of the defendant’s perception of that status and the victims’ association with a person and a group of that status,” prosecutors alleged in a statement.


Sheheda could face life if he is charged according to CBS News. He is currently in prison without bail until his arraignment on April 11.


There had been previous events in the past between the father and son, as in the son vandalizing the home and the mother and father evicting the son out of their own home.





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