Roommates, we are praying for the family and friends of little Zoey Pereira, who tragically passed away at the hands of her father. Martin Pereira is now being charged with reckless endangerment and arson.
According to The New York Post, Martin Pereira left his daughter to die last week in Queens, NY. The car vehicle was reportedly set ablaze with the car doors chained shut, leaving little Zoey trapped inside.
Once the car was covered in gasoline, Pereira set it on fire. He suffered second and third degree burns before jumping into a nearby pond to save himself. Zoey was left in the vehicle, and could not be saved after the incident.
It was clear Pereira had every intention of killing Zoey. When authorities arrived, they not only found the vehicle was doused with gasoline, but there were two propane tanks in he car connected to the back seat.
Zoey was strapped into her carseat, and the rear doors were chained to one another from the inside.
Unfortunately, Zoey never had a chance.
“He killed a baby. He burned her alive. He did that to her. That’s not even human, that’s an animal. That’s a coward,” Zoey’s aunt told The Post.
Prior to the incident, Pereira was reportedly in the middle of a nasty custody battle with Zoey’s mother, Cherone Coleman. Before taking her from Coleman, he threatened to hurt Zoey–“You’ll never see your child again”.
We are still praying for Zoey’s mom and the rest of her loved ones, but we are glad to see justice being served on her behalf!