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FDA Will Permanently Allow Women To Obtain Abortion Pills By Mail For Pregnancies Up To 10 Weeks

#Roommates, the abortion ban has been a major topic throughout the U.S. due to multiple states (most notably Texas) seeking to permanently stop women from terminating a pregnancy. In response, the Food and Drug Administration just made a groundbreaking announcement. According to new reports, the FDA will now permanently allow women to obtain abortion pills by mail for all pregnancies up to 10 weeks.

@NYTimes reports that the FDA’s previous major restriction regarding access to abortion pills has been permanently lifted. Underneath the new ruling, women will now be able to receive abortion pills by mail for pregnancies up to 10 weeks instead of requiring them to obtain them in person from their health care providers. This new ruling also means that abortion pills will be more readily available for women who may find it difficult to travel to seek an abortion provider or those who choose to terminate their pregnancy at home.

Patients can also have a virtual appointment with a healthcare provider who can prescribe abortion pills and send them directly to the patient via mail. The FDA’s decision comes just as the Supreme Court is considering whether to roll back abortion rights nationwide or overturn the historic 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that officially made abortion legal in the U.S. Currently, there are 19 states (primarily in the South and the Midwest) that have banned virtual telemedicine visits for abortion pills.

Speaking about the new access to abortion pills, Mary Ziegler, law professor at Florida State University, said, “It’s really significant. Telehealth abortions are much easier for both providers and patients, and even in states that want to do it, there have been limits on how available it is.”

Meanwhile, conservative groups have attacked the Biden administration for its pro-abortion stance, specifically pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List. The organization released a recent statement that read, “The Biden administration today moved to weaken longstanding federal safety regulations against mail-order abortion drugs designed to protect women from serious health risks and potential abuse. The Biden administration policy allows for dangerous at-home, do-it-yourself abortions without necessary medical oversight.”


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