Roommates, many activists are growing concerned that the sudden deaths of men involved in the Ferguson, Missouri protests are much more than a coincidence.
According to @nbcnews, the bodies of two young men were found inside of torched cars, three past away of apparent suicides and another collapsed on a bus because of an overdose.
Police have reportedly said there is no evidence the deaths have any direct ties to the shooting of #MikeBrown, but activists are not so sure.
Some activists told NBC News their concerns about the possible connection comes from a culture of fear stemming from the protests, and the amount of anonymous threats protest leaders receive.
One protest leader, Rev. Darryl Gray, said he found a box inside his car. After calling the bomb squad, they discovered no explosives, but a 6-foot python instead. “Everybody is on pins and needles,” Gray said.
Police have made no arrests in the two instances they ruled as homicides. St. Louis Country police spokesman Shawn McGuire said they are having a difficult time connecting the deaths to the protests because no witnesses have come forward.
“We don’t believe either one was connected to each other,” McGuire said. “It’s tough to come up with a motive without a suspect.”
Activist Cori Bush also came forward to express concerns of a major threat to the people of Ferguson. She says her personal experiences of almost being run off the road, being shot at, and her home being vandalized speak for themselves.
“Something is happening,” Bush said. “I’ve been vocal about the things Ive experienced and still experience–the harassment, the intimidation, the death threats, the death attempts.”
Police have not identified any possible suspects responsible for the deaths but the people of Ferguson are crying out for justice to be served.
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