Roommates, it’s sad that discrimination happens in every industry, but five strippers from Mississippi just got their pay day! They were awarded $3 million in a case against their employer.
According to fox news, the dancers worked at ‘Danny’s Downtown Cabaret’, a diverse club in Jackson, Mississippi. The ladies claim they endured horrible working conditions compared to the white dancers they shared the stage with.
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued the club some years ago, alleging that black dancers worked limited hours and were fined $25 if they missed a shift. Meanwhile, white strippers were allows flexible schedules and didn’t have to cough up and bread for missing work!
The agency also claimed in the suit that one manage called a black dancer a racial slur, and club owners forced black women to work at another club they owned, where security was worse and dancers were paid much less.
“This case shows the EEOC will sue any employer, operating any type of business, who violates federal anti-discrimination laws, especially those who will not stop discriminating even after being given repeated chances to do so,” a representative from the EEOC said.
The case went to court and the jury ruled that the club did have discriminatory practices against the women. The EEOC says the jury “sent a powerful message to Danny’s and any employer who thinks they are above the law.”
The ladies have $3 million to split evenly amongst themselves.
The attorney for Danny’s Downtown Cabaret said he plans to ask the judge to reduce the reward, and will move forward with an appeal if denied.