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Five #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Shot By White Supremacists 

Shots rang out late last night in Minneapolis during a peaceful protest in support of another young black male who was murdered by a cop. 

There were no fatalities, but two people were sent to the hospital with shots to the stomach and leg. #Justice4Jamar is the latest hashtag floating around of slain 24 year-old Jamar Clark who was gunned down in a police car earlier this month. The Atlantic reported that police allege that Clark was a suspect in the domestic assault and interfered with respondents, but the cops’ stories weren’t matching up with witnesses. 
Teto Wilson shared his account with his local NAACP chapter. “The young man was just laying there; he was not resisting arrest,” he said. “Two officers were surrounding the victim on the ground, an officer maneuvered his body around to shield Jamar’s body, and I heard the shot go off.” Other witnesses claim that Clark was already hand-cuffed when he was shot in the head, but of course, the cops allege otherwise. The young man was taken off of life support the next day and subsequently sparked protests in his home town. 
It’s now the 9th day of protests and 3 white supremacists thought it best to disturb the peace….literally. According to The Atlantic, protesters have been camping out near the city’s Fourth Precinct police station since Clark died last Monday. They were peacefully demanding justice for Jamar, however last night at 10:45, five of them were shot by three white males. The victims claim that the “counter-demonstrators” had been showing up to protest against #Justice4Jamar “as they have done most nights,” said media contact for BLM, Miski Noor, but this was the first time they had become violent. As #BLM protesters were trying to get the antagonists to leave, the cowardly men chose to open fire instead of leaving the peaceful protest. The only man who was masked has been arrested, so far…
Roommates, be careful out there! Always be aware of your surroundings if you are ever in a protest. 

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