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Fix My Obsession : Former Model’s Butt Enhancements Ruined Her Life 

Well , this was an unexpected case on “Iyanla – Fix My Life.”
Plus size model, Anivia Cruz-Dilworth, turned to butt enhancements with hopes to have a more curvy backside. However, now she’s left with an excruciatingly painful oversized bottom that prevents her from modeling all together.

It all began at an open model call for Wihelmina Models. Anivia was signed to the agency as a plus size model and from then on, worked to become successful in the industry.

 Throughout her quest to become greater, her want to have a larger and curvier bottom became a definite desire. To gain immediate results, Anivia went to the dark side for black market injections, which eventually destroyed her body.

“I wanted a modeling contract. I started getting butt injections… And then, I couldn’t keep the weight on anymore. I started slimming down,” Anivia says. “The butt was so big and the body was getting so small. I wasn’t booking anymore jobs because I couldn’t fit anything.”

This wasn’t the works of a professional, Anivia shares, “I didn’t have the money, and I found someone that was affordable.” The injection was so affordable, that it became an addiction. “It was like heroin. I just wouldn’t stop,” Anivia tells Iyanla. “I would find a dent, I would call… It was so addictive. It was like I was in a crack house.”
Not only did these injections cause health complications, in 2010 Anivia was indicted for allegedly administering butt enhancement injections without a license to several other women. The charges were dropped, but everlasting health struggles intensified.
What she hopped would elevate her career, turned into a complete downfall. Over time the silicone began to spread from her goods to other parts of the body.
“I developed something called granuloma,” Anivia says. “When they were injecting me, the silicone migrated to different parts of my body. It went down; you know, it’s gravity.”
“My nerves are damaged because of it. I have scar tissue inside of me. I have severe swelling,” Anivia says. “I was maybe at about 42 inches around my hips, but now because of the swelling and inflammation, my hips are like a 47. This foreign substance is a part of me now.”
“I do know that I will never be 100 percent normal again,” Anivia says. “I’m accepting it. I have no other choice.” 
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 Source Cited: HuffPost

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