Florida Father Charged For Urging Suicide To Pregnant Daughter

Florida Father Charged After Urging 13-Year-Old Pregnant Daughter To Commit Suicide

A 33-year-old Florida father is now facing charges after allegedly telling his 13-year-old pregnant daughter to commit suicide. According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, the man also called his daughter “a string of abusive names.”

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More Details Regarding The Florida Father & His Arrest & Charges

According to a “charging affidavit” obtained by the outlet, 33-year-old Gared Wayne Canales has been charged with “third-degree felony child abuse.”

Additionally, the Florida father was arrested in Massachusetts last month after reportedly abusing his daughter between April 7-10.

Furthermore, the outlet reports that Canales’ crime is “punishable by up to five years in prison.”

The Father’s Comments To His 13-Year-Old Daughter

According to Law & Crime, Canales shared the harmful insults with his 13-year-old daughter over a phone conversation on April 7. The conversation reportedly occurred on speakerphone in front of the girl’s friends.

“You kill yourself… Just don’t say…”

Additionally, the man went on to call his daughter “pregnant and worthless.”

“[Redacted] was further informed that Gared told [redacted] she was pregnant and worthless. [Redacted] stated that [redacted] is constantly verbally abused by her father. [Redacted] stated on Sunday, while cleaning after Easter fun, [redacted] grabbed her brother’s baseball bat and broke a portrait of her and Gared.”

The daughter then reportedly responded by explaining that “she was going to cut herself and go deeper to get her father’s attention.”

Furthermore, texts exchanged before their phone conversation also revealed that Canales instructed his daughter to commit suicide.

“[Redacted] advised she was telling him how she felt about him, and Gared said, ‘You’re not worth it. I choose my girlfriend over you anyway, and go kill yourself.'”

Canales’ daughter then reportedly “gave herself minor cuts on the arm several nights in a row.” On April 10, she attempted suicide by taking 14 pills of Benadryl.

According to New York Post, the girl was rushed to a nearby hospital, where her stomach was pumped.

Canales initially avoided arrest for two months by fleeing the state of Florida to Massachusetts. However, Law & Crime reports that Canales is being held without bond. Furthermore, his arraignment is scheduled on August 7.

The 33-year-old father is also barred from contact with his daughter, as per Fox 35 Orlando.


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