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Florida Woman Robs A Bank In Electric Wheelchair

Another day in Florida! Chile, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is searching for a woman suspected of robbing a bank in an electric wheelchair.

Authorities state the woman went into Regions Bank and inquired about her account. Eventually the teller and the woman started to argue, and the woman reportedly stated she was robbing the bank and started to make demands and threats. Eventually the teller gave her the money and the lady left in her electrical wheelchair.

According to @actionnewsjax, the person is described as a Black woman with short blonde hair. She’s believed to be around 39-years-old, and was wearing a silver and black mask with a sweatshirt and red purse.

The police didn’t state if there was a weapon. At the time of the robbery, there were four tellers, and no one was hurt. Police are currently looking for said suspect.

A lot of strange things happen in Florida. As previously reported, a Florida man is being accused of stealing his girlfriend’s engagement ring and using it to propose to another woman he was in a relationship with.

Investigators say Joseph Davis “stole an engagement ring and wedding bands from his girlfriend,” and used the jewelry to propose to his other girlfriend. Investigators said he went by “Joe Brown” with one girlfriend and “Marcus Brown” with the other.

Investigators also reported that the women involved worked together to help detectives identify Davis. The accused never gave the women his  real name, and he met both ladies on OKCupid in 2015 and 2016. 

At the moment, police are currently looking for him also.

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