Watch: Florida Woman Scammed After Marrying Former Classmate

Florida Woman Allegedly Scammed Out Of Millions After Marrying Former Classmate | SITSR (Exclusive) 

Florida resident Shareza Jackson is telling her side of how a rekindled connection ended with millions in debt.

Jackson reconnected with her high school peer, “Don,” on the basis of his brother passing away. She tells Stepping Into The Shade Room host Thembi that she attended the repass and brought some food. When Don left, Jackson spotted him with a woman he later called his “sister.”

A great first date later and what seemed like a fairytale wedding, Jackson claims her ex-husband stole $1.4 million from her. Not only that, it turns out that the woman from the repass was far from his ‘sister.’ And “Don” also had a couple of mini-mes he never mentioned.

Watch Jackson reveal it ALL below!

Editor’s note: The SITSR interview you are about to see is an account of Shareza Jackson’s personal experience with her ex-husband. 

Shareza’s ex-husband is only referred to as “Don” on SITSR. However, outlets such as Atlanta Black Star and Mirror UK have identified him as Dorian Wilkerson.

Florida Woman’s Fairytale Love Shattered

For context, Jackson was a freshman, and “Don” was a senior when they met. Though she didn’t spend years with her former classmate, she still had some natural trust. Their first date “was a vibe,” she says.

When they began dating, Jackson was reportedly a homeowner in Florida, raising two daughters and working as a regional director at a healthcare company. Two luxury cars were in her driveway; life was good! Don was living in Atlanta, allegedly divorced from his wife, and a father to a few kids. Still, he proposed “quickly” to Jackson and moved down to Florida to join her soon after.

Shareza explained to Thembi why the sudden move didn’t feel suspicious at first.

“You feel like the missing piece of the puzzle, because it was just me and my girls for so long, you feel like the missing piece is the person you could spend the rest of your life with. Definitely believe I was targeted, but the conversation of him moving to Florida, his mom had passed away, he was just over it, his brother had passed away so he just basically said he wanted to start over fresh.” 

Upon moving, Don told Jackson he had crashed his luxury car. She let him use one of hers. At that point, engagement and all, she hadn’t met his children. She alleges he blamed it on the “bitterness” of the children’s mothers.

She wasn’t the only one deceived, though. Jackson says her even daughters changed their last names to match his, only to find out he was “an actor, a character.” 

Scroll up to see details on how “Don” allegedly scammed her out of millions.

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