A report of a black teen getting pulled over and handcuffed while he was on his way home from church with his white grandmother in #Wisconsin is sparking national outrage.

Police in #Wauwatosa say an African-American couple reported that they thought the teen, identified as #AkilCarter was robbing the woman after they spotted him driving her in a blue Lexus. Now an attorney for Carter suspects he was harassed, according to @USAToday.

The 18-year-old man was detained Sunday and as it turned out, he was actually returning home from church with his grandmother and a friend. Officers drew their handguns during the stop and had Carter come to them.

Squad footage showed police telling him to drop to his knees and then, out of view, he was placed in handcuffs and put in a squad car for questioning. Carter was held for about six minutes and then he and the women were allowed to leave.

Police referred to the situation as a “really big misunderstanding.’

“I’m sure he (the person who reported it) saw two white ladies in a car with a black kid and he made some assumptions,” said the man’s grandmother. Apparently when the grandmother was told the caller was black, she said “that is even worse.”

We’ll keep you updated on this story, #Roommates.

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