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Forensic Pathologist Says Rodney Reed Is Innocent Based On New Findings In Evidence

Roommates, the number of days until Rodney Reed is scheduled to be executed is becoming less and less, but folks are working around the clock to stop his death. In addition to the various signatures, and campaigns looking to help Reed, famed forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden says Rodney Reed is innocent in the murder of Stacy Stites.

Michael Baden is the same forensic pathologist who declared Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide was possible a homicide, and he is now investigating Reed’s case. According to FOX News, Baden claims that based on the condition of Stacy’s body when it was discovered, it’s impossible that Rodney murdered her.

He says it is “medically and scientifically impossible”, and adds: “The forensic evidence shows he could not have been with her at the time of death. She was already decomposing when her DNA was found in a truck, in the driver’s side.”

After looking over the evidence presented in the case, Baden and his attorney say it is “questionable” because the court did not test the DNA on some very important items in the case. There was reportedly no DNA testing done on the murder weapon, or the truck in which Stacy’s body was found. Baden also says some of the information is not adding up, such as the time of her death.

It is Michael Baden’s recommendation that this case remain open, Rodney Reed be taken off of death row, and the investigation should continue.

As we previously reported, Rodney Reed is set to be executed on November 20th for the murder of Stacy Stites. He has been behind bars for more than 21 years, and a judge has named him guilty in the crime. With just a few days until his scheduled death. many people are working over time to prove his innocence.

Among those people are celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and social justice warriors like Shaun King.


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