We hear numerous stories about women secretly taking money out of their spouse’s account and transferring it to a secret account, but we never really hear about men doing this! The wife of NFL lineman Roy Miller claims he’s trying to take all of the money out of their account and leave her on the side broke!

According to TMZ, Miller, 30, was cut by the Kansas City Chiefs back in November after a domestic violence arrest in Florida. He had signed a 1-year, $1.4 million dollar deal.

Miller’s wife is so over him that she filed for divorce and also got a

restraining order on him for putting his hands on her during the altercation back in Nov. She says he ripped her hair out of her head while one of their kids was present.

She also claims his heavy drinking has affected his ability to be a good dad.

But, what really got sis worked up is that Miller is taking money out of their joint account behind her back. She claims he’s taken more than $400,000 out of their account and feels like he’s trying to leave her high and dry once the divorce is finalized.

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