On Thursday, former Florida police officer Nouman Raja was convicted of manslaughter and attempted murder for the 2015 fatal shooting of black motorist Corey Jones.

According to NBC News, Raja faces life in prison for fatally shooting Corey Jones, a musician, who was waiting for help with his broken down vehicle on the side of a South Florida highway.

Prosecutors say that an audio recording from the incident revealed that Raja, who was on duty at the time in plain clothing and driving an unmarked white van, never identified himself.

Jones, who was returning home from a performance, with drums worth $10,000 in his trunk, pulled out his legally owned handgun because he was feared that he was being robbed. Raja’s attorney reportedly claims that he did identify himself and that Flordia’s “Stand Your Ground” law should protect him because he feared for his life.

Raja shot Jones repeatedly, including a shot through his heart, and also a shot once in each of his arms.

Raja will be sentenced on April 26th. He was fired less than a month after the shooting and placed on house arrest in 2016 after being charged.

The jury, which was made up of four men and two women, deliberated for about four hours before delivering the verdict. The Associated Press reported that Raja had no reaction as the verdict was read.