Former Police Officer Kim Potter, Accused Of Fatally Shooting Daunte Wright, Expected To Take The Stand During Trial

Former Police Officer Kim Potter, Accused Of Fatally Shooting Daunte Wright, Expected To Take The Stand During Trial

Kim Potter, former Brooklyn Center police officer charged with manslaughter for fatally shooting 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop, had her first day at trial on Tuesday.

Taking place in the same courtroom where Derek Chauvin was found guilty of killing George Floyd, jury selection started for Potter.  While questioning the jurors, it was revealed that Potter would be taking the stand in her defense.

Questioning Juror No. 2, he expressed that upon initially hearing about Wright’s death, her reaction was, “How could this happen?”

Replying to his response, Defense attorney Paul Engh stated, “Officer Potter will testify and tell you what she remembered happened,” Engh said. “So you will know not just from the video but from officers at the scene and Officer Potter herself what was occurring. I think you would be quite interested in what she has to say.” 

According to reports, two jurors have been seated in the trial. A total of 14 jurors and 2 alternates are needed.

Juror No.2 was the first to be seated. While filling out his questionnaire, he wrote in his questionnaire that he has an unfavorable impression of “Blue Lives Matter,” explaining to the court he believes it is less in support of police and is “more of a counter cry to Black Lives Matter.” 

As we previously reported, Kim claimed that she meant to use her Taser instead of her handgun when she fatally shot Daunte. In the first-degree manslaughter charge, it also says she was endangering the safety of another when death or great bodily harm was reasonably foreseeable. The second-degree manslaughter count alleges she acted with culpable negligence and took an unreasonable risk when she consciously took a chance of causing death or great bodily harm with a firearm.

Kim is looking at a maximum sentence of 15 years for the first-degree manslaughter sentence and a maximum penalty of 10 years for the second-degree manslaughter. However, the state

sentencing guidelines call for less. It doesn’t seem like the Wright family is thrilled about the charge.

Wright’s family previously and said they were “obviously disappointed” that the charges fell short of murder.

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