FTN Bae Says Her Apology Video To Doodie Lo Was Forced

FTN Bae Says Her Apology Video To Doodie Lo Was Forced

FTN Bae recently released an apology video directed at Doodie Lo. In the video, she explained that she believed her son’s sexual assault accusations against Doodie. This is the reason she brought her Wesley’s story to social media, filed counter court documents and took a lie detector test. However, in the latest development, FTN Bae said Doodie Lo forced her apology.

FTN Bae Apologizes 

As previously reported, Doodie Lo also took and passed a lie detector test. In the apology video, FTN Bae said her son said he lied about the encounter.

“It’s done. It’s over with; he passed his test. My son told the truth. I genuinely do feel bad. I just needed him to help me.”

She also stated she doesn’t know “why he said that s**t (referring to her son). I don’t know where that came from.”

Soon after, Doodie Lo accepted FTN Bae’s apology. He told his followers he has a “forgiving heart.”

“At the end of the day, I ain’t gon’ lie to y’all. I forgive her… I forgive her. You feel me? I got a forgiving heart.” Doodie Lo said. “It did f**k up some s**t. My kids, my family, my team…we went through a lot.” Saying he wanted to clear his name, Doodie Lo stated, “I just wanted to always show my innocence.”

Then, FTN Bae’s story changed.

FTN Bae Retracts Statement 

“My hand was forced making that live. I had no choice,” FTN Bae wrote. “My son was questioned with David on the phone. & my son got scared and denied everything. If I didn’t issue an apology he would have released the audio and manipulated the story even more AND I’M GENUINELY TIRED.”

She continued on to say she was “backed into a corner.” FTN Bae said her son entered her room in distress following her live video. He was crying and peed in his pants. Wesley also told his mother he was “so scared and confused.”

Following the retraction statement, FTN released video and audio of a three-year old child named speaking. The child recalls a time when Wesley was apparently being chased by Doodie. FTN Bae asks what else “he” did to Wesley and the child responds, “he made him cry.”

Mother Will Continue To Pursue Case

The mother plans to continue pursuing this matter.

“My son’s nightmares are REAL,” FTN Bae wrote. “What Alex said she saw is REAL. The trauma that my son deals with emotionally is REAL. & I still stand with the kid no matter what that ni**a do.”

FTN Bae said that Doodie was recording her son, but it’s unclear at what exact point she means. In the same sentence, she says she was unaware Wesley would recant his story out of fear. She also detailed that the entire incident has been a lot for her family. Nonetheless, she plans to work with police in the fight for her child.

“My son lying in the face of the person who he’s saying touched him is not far fetched. CAUSE THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED TODAY,” FTN Bae wrote. “But to say my son & baby Alex are both lying. & my son can describe specific details. NO.”


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