G Herbo Addresses His & Southside's Interview W/ Funny Marco

Whew! Watch As G Herbo Addresses His & Southside’s Viral Interview With Funny Marco (Video)

G Herbo is addressing his and Southside‘s viral interview with Funny Marco. As The Shade Room previously reported, the pair joined the comedian for an episode of his show, ‘Open Thoughts,’ released in October 2023.

To date, their conversation has garnered over four million views on YouTube.

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Here’s What G Herbo Said About The Viral Sitdown

G Herbo recently appeared as a guest on an episode of ‘Drink Champs,’ released on Saturday, February 10. The sitdown opened up with the rapper explaining his relationship with Funny Marco and his and Southside’s viral appearance on the comedian’s show.

“Marco, first and foremost, that’s my man. We already had a relationship prior to doing the interview,” he explained. “… his [Funny Marco’s] production staff told us to, like, troll him. Like it was supposed to be a suprise to come on there and troll him.”

The rapper went on to explain that his and Southside’s behavior during the appearance wasn’t intentional.

“We weren’t originally just on bulls**t with bro, but we was a little bit off the sauce… so we went a little extra overboard,” he continued. “But the whole thing was to come on there [and] intimidate him on his own show. Like, pulling a him on him type [thing].”


The Rapper Addresses Public Perception Of The Interview

Additionally, G Herbo explained that he spoke to Marco before the episode released and they were on good terms. However, he isn’t sure if there was “confusion” between his staff and Marco’s production team which may have led for them to believe him and Southside didn’t want to appear on the show.

“Public perception and what people gon’ take from it is another thing, but that’s the name of the game — that’s what comes with it. You gotta be able to take that,” he continued. “But it wasn’t like no bad blood or no s**t like that.”

Furthermore, the rapper alleged that he never asked Funny Marco to take the interview down after it was released. Additionally, he explaiend that he never expected for their sitdown to go as viral as it did.

“But it’s all love,” he continued. “I know how it came out to the internet, it looked like n****s was on some bullying s**t,” he said. “And that’s when I really took it serious but I didn’t want to like put nothing on the internet — I don’t really know how to play the internet games, like go back-and-forth, even when its defending myself. I know if it its real love between me and bro and we got an understanding that was all that mattered to me, as long as he knew the respect between us.”

Ultimately, G Herbo explained that he’ll never be an advocate of bullying.

Watch his full comments below.

Funny Marco Previously Addressed The Sitdown

As The Shade Room previously reported, Funny Marco addressed the viral sitdown in December 2023. Before that, many social media users criticzed G Herbo and Southside for how they behaved on the show.

The pair criticized Marco’s attire, threw cups at him, broke his thousand-dollar watch, and reffered to him as a “dumba*s” and “f*****g idiot,” among other occurrences.

At the time, YouTuber user @creativeCAP4 wrote, “Throwing that cup would’ve definitely sparked a different reaction. He knew to apologize though. I’m so impressed with Marco’s level of patience.”

While another YouTube user, @willclark2661, added, “I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I treated someone like this. Love you Marco❤️”

In response, Marco shared that he “got upset” while hosting the sit down.

Additionally, The Shade Room obtained exclusive footage of Marco alleging that G Herbo asked for the clip to be taken down, to which he ultimately declined.

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