GloJays Accused Of Scamming Again With 'Mentorship Program'


Social media influencer GloJays is back in the headlines after being accused of scamming again, The Shade Room has learned. The news comes less than a year after we reported on an alleged GoFundMe scam where a homeless woman claimed GloJays exploited her for clout.

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Alleged Victims Accuse GloJays Of Ripping Them Off With Fake Mentorship Program

The most recent allegations stem from allegations of GloJays defrauding dozens out of hundreds of dollars each for a fake mentorship program.

Others, including Atlanta-based music artist Tiger Awanzambi, say they paid him for social media promotion that never happened. They added they were initially met with angry texts from GloJay when they requested refunds.

TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter spoke exclusively to a few of GloJays’ clients and “mentees,” who are now opening up about the aftermath of it all.

This latest alleged scheme began following a recent Instagram Story where GloJays said he was flying to Chicago to meet one of his mentees.

“Your mentors don’t fly in to see you, $1,500 to join the wave, y’all playing yourselves,” GloJays post read. “You get my personal phone number, access to all my connects, I teach you how to grow your social media, as well as how to monetize it.”

How It Started: Angie Money’s Story

Angie Money was the mentee behind GloJays’ publicized trip to Chicago, TSR Investigates has learned. Money, who is battling breast cancer, says she paid GloJays the $1,500 to increase her podcast following.

According to Money, GloJays hyped up the mentor program package. He allegedly promised her extensive social media promotion. However, all she received was a single video post on his page.

“He used me, my story, to get other people to sign up for the mentorship program,” she told TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter. “He said we were going to have meetings in the mornings, a group weekly Zoom call. Never happened.”

She continued: “He set up and organized a Zoom call and didn’t even show up.”

How GloJays Alleged Victims Learned They Had Been Duped

Meanwhile, Dallas-native Jamila Gilley paid GloJays $500, as she couldn’t afford the full $1,500. He accepted the payment and reportedly offered her “lifetime mentorship.”

In a group chat with other “mentees,” Gilley and others learned that they had all been scammed. One even brought up GloJays’ shifty past.

“Y’all wasting your time. This [expletive] gonna keep on scamming other people like he did this woman and like he did us.”

Another wrote: “If anyone is able to sign up on this group chat, let them know this is a scam so nobody else loses their hard-earned money.”

Gilley added that when GloJays did respond to the group chat, it was in anger.

He bragged to his alleged scam victims that he makes $100,000 a month without using the internet. He added: “Trust and believe me the last thing I need is to scam someone out of $1,500.”

More Alleged Victims Emerge, Refunds Finally Received

A third victim, identified only as Olivia, says she paid GloJays $600 to promote her art business. He posted a picture of her work to his social media for five minutes before deleting it, she said.

A fourth, Atlanta-based music artist Tiger Awanzambi, says he paid GloGays mentorship program and to promote his songs.

“He just took the money and ran with it,” Awanzambi tells TSR Investigates.

Meanwhile, when TSR reached out to GloJays he admitted that he “bit off more than he can chew” with his mentorship program. Additionally, he explained to mentees that he now has a “team” and system holding him “accountable.”

However, the social media influencer also defended his mentorship program, telling TSR that many people benefited from it. He claims Angie Money gained 11,000 followers from the program.

ultimately, he did refund those who requested their money back, per Justin Carter.

Last July, we reported on another scam dispute involving GloJays and a homeless woman.

The woman in that case claims he exploited her for clout after setting up a GoFundMe page, raising over $20,000 on her behalf and never giving her the money.

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