With restaurants closing and people losing their jobs due to the viral pandemic, it’s nice to know that people still have a heart.

In Memphis, a group of restaurant goers gifted their bartender with a cash gift to help offset some of her expenses because the restaurant is being forced to serve take-out only.

Edwin Dorsey, owner of the video, can be heard saying:

“We take care of our people. You don’t have to worry about nothing.”

He continued to say: 

“Throughout the years we created a bond with the bartender, Trish. She has an amazing soul, works hard, and overall a great person. Amongst our discussion we decided to come together and bless her with a care package because she will be without a job until the COVID-19 pass[es].”

The bartender can be seen crying tears of joy and thanking everyone involved.

In times like this, it’s important that we all stick together.