Hallee Brooks, The Ex-Girlfriend Of Raz-B, Shares Tik Tok Video Alleging

Kallee Brookes, The Ex-Girlfriend Of Raz-B, Shares Tik Tok Video Alleging Physical And Sexual Assault (Video)

Earlier this week, musical artist Kallee Brooks who is also the ex-girlfriend of Raz-B, made a Tik Tok video and revealed some very serious allegations against the singer. In the video, which has gained over 22,000 views, Kallee describes alleged physical and sexual assault during her time dating Raz. In the video, Kallee includes disturbing photos of her with a black eye and a recorded 911 call from TMZ that claims Raz strangled her.

In addition, she says that she lied to protect Raz and didn’t press any charges against him because she sadly thought the abuse was her fault. Kallee continued detailing that Raz allegedly put a large down payment on a luxury vehicle for her and allegedly promised never to assault her again. However, the abuse allegations didn’t end there. Kallee claimed she was scared and didn’t know how to get away from the situation. She ended the video making one final allegation where she showed her in the hospital after detailing that Raz allegedly held her down, had sex with her against her will, impregnated her, and put her in the hospital.

Kallee says at that point, she finally had the courage to get away from him. Today Kallee made another video on her Instagram story and said that she felt safe on Tik Tok and was ready to talk about what happened. She said,” I’m still really angry about it, and I’m f**kin f**ked up, and I’m never going to be the person that I used to be.” Kallee continued saying,“ I used to be really confident, and I’m just not that person anymore.”

Kallee also said that she had no idea that any of the blogs would pick up her video and that, fortunately, she has been getting a lot of support from users on Tik Tok, and they are making her feel better. Some of the women who were abused and survived a lot of things have shared their stories. Kallee made it clear that she wasn’t clout chasing with sharing her video.

At this time, Raz hasn’t responded to Kallee’s allegations, but we will keep you updated if he does

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