Hazel-E Speaks On Her Career Evolution (Exclusive Video)

Hazel-E Speaks On Her Career Evolution & Potential ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Return In Brand-New City! (Exclusive Video)

Hazel-E is dishing on her career’s evolution throughout the years, along with how she’s beginning to put herself out there with her musical artistry again. Additionally, she’s opening up about what the future potentially holds for her while reflecting on her plastic surgery journey.

Could Hazel-E Be Returning To Reality TV?

During the latest episode of Stepping Into The Shade Room, Hazel-E chatted it up with host Thembi and laid it all out on the table! From how she helped transform The Boondocks from a comic strip into a TV show to recounting when Carmelo Anthony shot his shot at her (after his divorce), she came thru with the fun facts!

At one point, she reflected on how her career has evolved throughout the years by speaking on her early Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood days, as well as her stint as Raven-Symoné‘s body double on That’s So Raven.

Taking it to her music career, she noted that she’s currently trying to put herself out there again, as she’s seen major shifts in the rap game compared to when she first started in the late 2000s.

“There was only one female dominating that game, and there was no room. … Now, being that the doors are broken down and we are seeing way more female artists, way more female rap, and it’s being taken serious, I feel like I have a chance again—which is the only reason why I’m trying.”

She continued, noting that there’s currently “space” for various female rap superstars.

“2014, it was still one dominating force. It was still one woman that was winning all the awards — like, there was nobody to even compare with. … It wasn’t the space for it. Now, today, it’s the space for it. So I feel like if I don’t give myself a shot again, then I would do myself a disservice.”

Aside from focusing on music, Hazel-E also shared that she recently got a call from Love & Hip Hop, and she gave us the tea!

“They called last week. I didn’t sign an NDA, so I feel like I can say it!”

Specifically, she said that, per the phone call, producers appear to be looking into a brand-new franchise.

“They might be starting a new franchise in Houston. … When Mona [Scott-Young] and Stephanie [Gayle] alluded to the fact that there could possibly be a new franchise in Houston and could I come quarterback that thang, of course the baby responded. If it happens, it happens!”

The Star Speaks On Her Cosmetic Procedures: “I Just Would Not Do It Again”

Moving along, Hazel-E also discussed her plastic surgery, noting that she likely would’ve still gone under the knife even if she weren’t on reality TV.

“With more money, I think you fix things. I feel like whether I was on the platform or not, I had my own insecurities that I probably would’ve tried to correct. Outside of the nose, because I really crashed in Dubai and I really had a handlebar through the front of my face, I still feel like if I would’ve got the money outside of the platform, I would’ve got my booty done. Without the platform, I still would’ve got a boob lift.”

Nonetheless, she said that being on television “amplified the urgency for” her procedures, recalling being referred to as “the ugliest light-skinned girl to ever exist” at one point.

“I wanted to strive to be the baddest b***h on TV, and I was going to great lengths to achieve it.”

She also didn’t shy away from sharing some of the complications that stemmed from her elective procedures. While she acknowledged still wanting to pursue “med spa procedures” like Botox, she wouldn’t want to risk pursuing major cosmetic surgeries again.

“Because of the tummy tuck in Turkey [and] then the failed reconstructive tummy tuck in Miami, I feel like I almost lost my life. I almost died to sepsis — I almost left my baby girl behind for me trying to fix stuff that I just would not do it again.”

Catch the full episode down below!

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