Health Officials Release New Findings Revealing That COVID-19 Has Now Killed As Many People As The Spanish Flu

Health Officials Release New Findings Revealing That COVID-19 Has Now Killed As Many People As The Spanish Flu

Roommates, according to new findings from medical experts, COVID-19 has now claimed the lives of as many Americans as the Spanish Flu did back in 1918 and 1919, with the number now totaling a staggering 675,000.

The COVID-19 pandemic is sadly proving every day that it isn’t fading away as quickly as we would like it to—but based on the new medical findings by health experts, the death toll it has caused is worse than many initially realized.

An estimated 675,000 people have now died due to COVID-19, which is around the same number of those who died because of the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 and 1919. Although the U.S. population was only one-third of what it is today, resulting in the Spanish Flu claiming more lives, for COVID-19 to be this close to those numbers demonstrates just how deadly it is in a short period of time.

Even more shocking is that death tolls this high from COVID-19 are especially concerning given current medical advances that still did not translate into many Americans willingly taking advantage of the multiple vaccines available.

Speaking about the disappointing response to the vaccine by Americans to stop the spread of COVID-19, Dr. Howard Markel from the University of Michigan said, “Big pockets of American society — and, worse, their leaders — have thrown this away.”


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There is also the sobering reality that just like the Spanish Flu, COVID-19 many never entirely disappear. However, medical experts are hoping that it will eventually become a regular seasonal illness as immunity strengthens due to vaccination and repeated infection.

It’s also important to note that the Spanish Flu’s U.S. death rate is a rough estimate because of the incomplete records of the time and the poor scientific understanding of the disease. Even so, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention was still able to come up with the 675,000 figure.


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