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Homeowner Shot And Dog Killed When ATL Police Bust In The Wrong Home

DeKalb County police have some explaining to do after injuring a homeowner and killing a dog — by accident. 

Bossip reports that three officers were responding to a suspicious person report and when they arrived to a home in the 1500 block of Bouldersoods Dr., they entered the home that seemed to fit the description of where the suspicious person was lurking. 
It wasn’t until after the dog was murdered and the homeowner and an officer was injured, that the department discovered that the three officers were at the wrong home.

Yes! The wrong home! Allegedly, the officers never even got a street address; just a description of a house. 
In a nutshell, when they got to the rear of the “described” house, they found an unlocked screen and unlocked door, believing the intruder was inside. As protocol requires, the officers announced their presence. From there there’s no concrete story how gun fire escalated. 
But somewhere between them entering and then leaving, one of the officers was shot, the homeowner was shot, and sadly, the dog was killed. 
The officer is said to be in critical condition as he was shot in the thigh and underwent emergency surgery at Grady Memorial Hospital. The homeowner was also treated for injuries although we don’t know his condition. 
An investigation is underway and has yet to deter if the homeowner also had a gun. 
Can you say LAWSUIT??!! 
Source: Bossip, http://bossip.com/1210330/sloppy-coppy-homeowner-shot-and-dog-killed-when-incompetent-atl-police-respond-to-wrong-house/
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