Hundreds Of Drivers Stranded On I-95 In Virginia For Over 24 Hours And Counting Due To Severe Winter Storm

#Roommates, 2022 has started off in a very scary and unfortunate way for hundreds of Virginia residents due to a severe winter storm that has kept them trapped. According to multiple reports, hundreds of residents found themselves stranded on Virginia’s I-95 highway for over 24 hours and counting because of a winter storm that left traffic at a standstill and drivers fearing for their lives and safety.

@APNews reports, just south of the nation’s capital, hundreds of drivers were in a scary situation of desperation after being stranded on the I-95 interstate due to a winter storm that has impacted most of the DMV area, but Virginia has been hit the hardest. The winter-related issues started earlier this week when a truck jackknifed on Interstate 95, which triggered a chain reaction that caused other vehicles to lose control. That’s when lanes became blocked across a 40-mile stretch of I-95 north of Richmond, Virginia. Over 24 hours passed overnight with drivers posting desperate messages about their situation and describing their issues about running out of gas, food and water.  As hours passed and night fell, their conditions continued to worsen. There is still an overwhelming amount of residents stranded, although recent updates reveal that no immediate reports of serious injuries or deaths have occurred.

Additionally, one of those who found themselves stranded was Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, who was said he was stuck in his car for 21 hours during his commute on I-95. “This has been a miserable experience, he told local media outlets. Meanwhile state Governor Ralph Northam said he decided not to send in the National Guard for assistance because he said the issue facing state crews was not a lack of available help, but the extreme difficulty getting workers and equipment through the snowstorm to help those who were stranded. Northam further stated that his team responded throughout the night by connecting drivers with help and working to set up warming shelters.

Marcie Parker, an engineer with the Virginia Department of Transportation, said she “could not even imagine how many are out there,” as her crew continued efforts to clear drivers from the highway who still find themselves stuck at present time.

The affected section of I-95 was not pretreated for the storm because of the heavy rain over the last few days, Parker said. During the peak of the storm, snow was falling as heavily as 2 inches an hour.


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Danielle Jennings