Hunter Biden’s Estranged Wife Accuses Him Of Infidelity, Excessive Spending And Drug Use, He Says She's A Cheater Too! 

Hunter Biden’s Estranged Wife Accuses Him Of Infidelity, Excessive Spending And Drug Use, He Says She’s A Cheater Too! 


Earlier this week we were shocked to learn that the widow to Joe Biden’s late son, Beau Biden, was now in a romantic relationship with his brother Hunter Biden.

It was reported that Hunter and his wife Kathleen Biden have been separated since 2015, but many wondered when the two would be getting an official divorce.

Now more details about their divorce have been revealed, and Kathleen didn’t hold back when spilling the tea.

According to the New York Daily News, the divorce papers revealed that Kathleen asked Hunter to leave their home the morning of July 5, 2015, which was a little over a month after the death of his brother Beau.

According to the filings made within a Washington D.C. court, she asked him to leave “due to his conduct the night before.” Although the conduct was not mentioned, the couple reportedly agreed that those actions would result in him leaving.

Kathleen also mentioned that those actions would create “situations that are unsafe or traumatic” for their children.

In another set of papers she also accused Hunter of spending their money “extravagantly,” and accused him of allegedly blowing through $122,000 within two months. According to Kathleen he reportedly used to pay her and the kids $17,000 a month, but had to reduce it $1,700.

Nonetheless, Kathleen says their divorce stemmed from, in part, his infidelity and alleged drug use. In the filings he’s also accused of spending money on prostitutes, alcohol and gifts for other women.

According to Page Six, Hunter claims that Kathleen cheated on him as well and he’s demanding that she provides the proof. In his divorce papers he is demanding that she provides evidence, “including but not limited to, letters, cards, notes and e-mails between you and any person that you had a romantic or sexual relationship with other than your husband during the marriage.”

The divorce is currently pending, but a hearing is reportedly scheduled for later this month. Two of the former couples children are now adults, but Kathleen is looking for sole custody of their 16-year-old.


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