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Husband Who Was Accused Of Pushing His Wife Off A Cliff Goes To Trial

A Denver man who was accused of killing his second wife, is now being looked into for possibly killing his first wife as well. 

Harold Henthorn, 58, took his wife Toni on a getaway to the The Rocky Mountains to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary back in 2012. 

The only problem was he brought her there with intentions to push her off a cliff when they went hiking! 

Henthorn claimed that Toni “fell” on accident  after she stopped to take a photo, but investigators noticed he conveniently had marked an X on the park map that was left in the car, matching exactly where his wife “fell.” 

As investigators were looking into the case, they must have realized that this man is the ultimate setup! He didn’t have a job and claimed to be working with nonprofits, but all along he was most likely planning on his comeup.

He took out three life insurance policies on Toni, who was an Ophthalmologist, that totaled $4.5 million. And guess what? She had no clue about it. 

His first wife Sandra died in a freak accident also, she was crushed as a car “slipped”off a jack when they were changing a flat tire back in ’95. 

What’s even more suspect is that his first wife died shortly after their 12th wedding anniversary too! Talk about a coincidence… I think not!

The Assistant US Attorney, Suneeta Hazra, told the jurors “These deaths were not accidents,” adding that Henthorn gave inconsistent accounts of what happened in both cases. 

Henthorn’s lawyers blamed his inconsistent stories on him going through grief. 

He was indicted on first degree murder charges for Toni’s death and is currently on trial. 

Source Cited: NY Post

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