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Inmate David Sheppard To Be Released From Prison Following Kim Kardashian’s Push For His Release

#Roommates, Kim Kardashian is still working hard behind-the-scenes for prison reform and helping those who are unjustly imprisoned be set free. Her latest efforts have helped inmate David Sheppard secure an early release from prison after being jailed since 1992.

Kim Kardashian has so much on her plate these days it’s hard to keep track—with her multiple businesses, husband, four children, reality show, her law career and championing prison reform, it’s a wonder how she does it all. Fortunately, for those who are lucky enough to get her attention to their case, she’s also racked up quite the list of prisoners who have been freed due to her efforts and influence. @Oxygen reports, Pennsylvania inmate David Sheppard, who’s case Kim has been speaking out about, was recently informed that he will be released from prison just in time for Christmas.

To give you a little background on Sheppard’s case here it goes. Back in 1992, he was convicted of second-degree murder for alleged his role in the 1992 fatal shooting of pharmacist Thomas Brannan and sentenced to life in prison. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed off on Sheppard’s clemency earlier this month, but he was still being held in prison due a warrant for an almost 30-year-old theft charge of stealing five pairs of jeans. Sheppard’s story is set to be featured on Kim’s upcoming documentary on Oxygen about her prison reform efforts. Just a few days ago, Kim tweeted this about Sheppard’s case, “This is sheer abuse of prosecutorial authority on the part of the district attorney’s office and a shameful waste of public resources.”

Sheppard will now be released on his own recognizance, meaning he will not have to pay a bail amount. His attorney Max Orenstein said this about his release, “He should’ve been going home sooner, but I’m glad he’s going home now. I’m very relieved that he’ll hopefully be able to spend the holidays with his family and start moving forward with his life.”

Upon his release, will live at a halfway house for a year under the terms of his clemency agreement. During his time in prison, Sheppard was never written up and mentored fellow prisoners while pursuing his education.

His family members were present during his clemency hearing—and he will already have a job waiting for him once he’s released. Congrats to him!


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