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Iowa Woman Passes Away After A Gender Reveal Gone Wrong Caused An Explosion

Roommates, an Iowa woman has passed away after an explosion at a gender reveal did not go according to plan, authorities say.

According to CNN, the 56-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene on Saturday in the city of Knoxville, says a press release from the Marion County Sheriff’s office.

Authorities launched a full investigation into her passing and found “a gender reveal announcement resulted in he explosion”, and the woman was hit by a piece of debris. Although authorities have not given details regarding the party, the reveal was supposed to have an explosion with either pink or blue powder to reveal the baby’s gender.

Gender reveals have gained popularity recently, and have taken over social media as some of the biggest celebrations on the timeline. Although we’ve seen some very cute reveals and some very unique ones, some of them just don’t go to plan.

A United States Border Patrol agent’s gender reveal party in Arizona last year sparked a fire that consumed more than 45,000 acres of land and caused more than $8 million in damage.

The agent, named Dennis dickey, pled guilty to a misdemeanor violation of federal Forest Service regulations because of the explosion. The fire, which came to be known as the Sawmill Fire, required more than 800 firefighters working a week to put it out.

We also recall a car in Australia that blew blue smoke out of its muffler to announce that a baby boy was on the way. The car unfortunately burst into flames during the celebration. The driver, who jumped out of the car, was convicted of dangerous operation of a car.

These are extreme examples of gender reveals gone wrong, but we’ve seen out fair share including balloons flying away, dogs eating party supplies, and gender cards going missing,



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