Irv Gotti Says Drake’s New Album Is Not Hip-Hop & Makes Him Want To Find A New DMX, Ja Rule & Jay-Z

Is it Hip-Hop or nah?! With new music from Beyoncé and Drake, the world is still trying to warm up to the dance tracks from the GRAMMY-Award winning artists. You can’t scroll down the TL without seeing someone share their two cents, including former Def Jam and Murder Inc. CEO and co-founder Irv Gotti. On Tuesday, the music mogul spoke with TMZ at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and explained that Drake’s ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ isn’t Hip-Hop.

“Personally, I love Drake. I think Drake is a great person. He’s a great human being,” he stressed. “But I listened to his album, and Drake can do whatever he wants as an artist, but Drake’s new album is not Hip-Hop.” Things got interesting when the reporter asked Irv if he felt ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ was the demise of Hip-Hop.

Irv stated, “I hope not! As long as I’m alive, it can never be the demise of Hip Hop. I gotta get back in the game and find me a n***a. That’s what that album made me feel like.” He added, “It made me feel like going and finding me a raw new DMX, new Ja [Rule], new Jay[Z] and serving n***as and f***ing bringing back great Hip-Hop.”

Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion about Champagne Papi’s new sound, he might have hinted at this in a previous interview. According to Complex, during his 2020 Rap Radar interview, while discussing his sound, the interviewer said he was stuck in a cycle of constantly trying to make albums that appeal to both his rap fans and his pop and R&B fans.

The Six God responded and explained why fans will never get a “10-song Drake classic.” “I’m the only one who has a commitment to do two things every album. I have to give the people that like the singing enough to hold onto, and I have to give LeBron enough bars.”

Roommates, do you think there can be an artist that can impact the culture like the late DMX, Jay-Z, or Ja Rule? Or is Irv Gotti out of line for making the comparison?

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China Lovelace