Last month, Trouble seemed to be experiencing some relationship trouble with Alexis Skyy after the two of them exchanged some words on social media pertaining to their relationship. Nonetheless, the two of them seemed to straighten things out, and it appeared as if they were going strong.

However, the current status of their relationship seems to be up in the air. Nonetheless, it seems like Trouble may have his eyes set on a new lady.

On Wednesday, Trouble posted a photo of Angela Simmons in his Instagram story. In the photo, Angela posed with a bag of Cheetos as she wore an orange jacket to match the bag of chips. She positioned the bag between her legs as she posed for the photos.

In the story post, Trouble said, “I don’t think I’ve ever imagined my face being a bag of Cheetos until today,” as he proceeded to tag Angela in his story.

As we previously reported, Trouble and Alexis Skyy went public with their relationship over the summer. However, in September, Alexis had quickly posted and deleted that she was single. However more context to their relationship trouble was added when she said that he didn’t call her for a certain number of days.


Nonetheless, Roommates tell us your thoughts?


TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94