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Italian Man Accused Of Collecting Over $600,000 From Hospital Employer Despite Not Showing Up To Work For 15 Years

Roomies, sometimes going to work can feel like pulling teeth with no anesthesia. Some of us deal with it by counting down the hours ‘til freedom, while others straight up finesse free time on the clock. Yet, nobody’s touching the “king of absentees” when it comes to hardly working. The Italian press assigned that nickname to a public sector worker who has allegedly been cashing a check while skipping work for the last 15 years, The Guardian reported.

The last time our finesse king showed up to work at “Pugliese Ciaccio Hospital in the Calabrian city of Catanzaro” was back in 2005. Italian police shared that the hospital employee continued to collect a monthly salary despite his absence. In total, the 67-year-old racked up approximately $647,347.

However, as most of our parents taught us, no bad deed goes unpunished. The unnamed man is now facing charges of “abuse of office, forgery and aggravated extortion.”

During the investigation called ‘Part Time,’ police relied on colleague witness statements and attendance and salary records to collect their evidence. Apparently, he’s not going down alone. Police say six managers at the hospital are also under investigation for “enabling his alleged absenteeism.”

The investigation also brought to light that our lil finesser might be a tough guy. The man allegedly got away with this for so long by threatening the hospital director in 2005. The director was attempting to file a disciplinary report, but didn’t and eventually retired. To make things worse, the next director nor the human resources department attempted to review his “absenteeism.”

The “king of absentees” isn’t alone in his doing. People taking advantage of work hours is a rampant problem in Italy. According to The Guardian, the Italian government cracked down on finessers by tightening an applicable law in 2016.

After investigations, police found several instances of absenteeism. Thirty-five employees working at a town hall were cheating the time system for about two years. Some staff members went as far as clocking in before taking the day to shop, hang with friends and go canoeing.

Roommates, what do you think about Italy’s ongoing problem with clock shy workers?

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