Jamie Lynn Spears Claims Her Parents Pressured Her To Get An Abortion When She Got Pregnant At 16

Jamie Lynn Spears Claims Her Parents Pressured Her To Get An Abortion When She Got Pregnant At 16

Jamie Lynn Spears is speaking out against her parents for allegedly trying to push her to get an abortion when she became pregnant at 16.

It was a rough pregnancy, as Jamie Lynn explains in her upcoming book, ‘Things I Should Have Said,’ claiming that her parents went to great lengths to try and hide her pregnancy from the public.

TMZ obtained snippets of the book that detail the events of 2007 after Jamie Lynn told her parents and management she was pregnant. For those of you who remember, Jamie Lynn was then the star of Nickelodeon’s ‘Zoey 101.’

In one passage, Jamie Lynn says people from her inner circle, “… came to my room trying to convince me that having a baby at this point in my life was a terrible idea … ‘It will kill your career. You are just too young. You don’t know what you’re doing. There are pills you can take. We can help you take care of this problem … I know a doctor’..everyone around me just wanted to make this ‘issue’ disappear.”

Jamie Lynn boldly stated, “…everyone was certain that termination would be the best course of action.”

Jamie Lynn adds that her phone was taken away to stop her from communicating with people outside of her camp in the hopes that the news of her pregnancy wouldn’t accidentally leak.

Jamie Lynn claims she wasn’t even allowed to tell her sister Britney she was having a baby, saying, “I needed her more than ever and she wasn’t able to help me in my most vulnerable time … To this day, the hurt of not being able to tell my sister myself still lingers.”

She says she got into a fight with her father Jamie over adoption but eventually her team made an exclusive agreement with OK! Magazine to break the story and give them first images of her baby.

Additionally, Jamie Lynn says she and her mom went to some cabin out east, in what she believes was Connecticut, to hide until the article came out. The two spent Thanksgiving there together, where “Momma wore her disappointment like her favorite jacket.”

The book is slated to drop in January 2022. 

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