After months of silence, former “The Chi” star Jason Mitchell stopped by the popular radio morning show “The Breakfast Club” to tell his side of things—and many fans feel like he said a lot of nothing.

Following allegations of sexual misconduct against former “The Chi” star Tiffany Boone, who played his on-screen girlfriend, and former showrunner Ayanna Floyd Davis, Jason Mitchell was promptly fired, dropped by his management and lost out on a high-profile Netflix series. Now, after being silent on the issue for several months, he has finally responded in a new interview with “The Breakfast Club.”

Despite multiple reports of sexual misconduct and her fiancé having to visit set to protect her, Jason claims there was no incident or issue with Tiffany Boone at all. He says that Tiffany was basically forced into a situation to lie on him by Ayanna. He also said he believes that Ayanna used the #MeToo movement as a weapon to destroy him.

However, he wasn’t done. If you’ll recall, Tiffany quit the show because the situation with Jason had gotten so out of control—but Jason says she simply quit because she got a better job opportunity.

When asked why he waited so long to tell his side of things, he said:

“When you’re dealing with HR, it doesn’t work like that at all They’ll never pop out and tell you, ‘Oh, this is what was said by that person. This is what was said by that person.’ You never get the luxury of finding out exactly how somebody felt about something.”

To add even more, Jason says he wasn’t fired from the show for the sexual misconduct allegations at all:

“The actual reason that I got let go was because Disney saw what was going on with “Desperados” and they just bought Showtime, so they decided not to pick up my option. I’ve been on the show for what was about to be three seasons. I was nominated for an award, so you know, I was asking for money and all these different sorts of things and they just weren’t down to do it.”

It sounds like everyone and everything else was the reason for him being fired, dropped by management and losing other jobs…except himself.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?